Our Parish has on staff immigration practitioners with over 150 years of experience collectively, including Anthoy Hayles, Esq; Stan Weber, Esq; John Nicelli, Esq; Rev. Robert Vitaglione; Wilfredo Solozano; Maria Salazar, and many more.

We assist in any immigration case imaginable, including deportation, family reunifications, derivations, acquisitions, naturalization, and many others. Just call us for an appointment at (718) 625 2141.

Many people believe that because we do not charge a fee, that our advise is not worth much, if that is the way you think, do not come to us. 

We do not give advice over the phone, you must come to the offices at 41 Adelphi Street, by the corner of Adelphi and Park Avenue. If you come, do NOT leave any immigration documents at home, when you come here, pretend you are going to the dentist, bring all your teeth!

As part of commitment to our immigrants, we also offer a course to prepare applicants to become US Citizens by teaching them basic English and Civics.


In conjunction with Churches United for Fair Housing (CUFFH), we provide assistance to anyone interested in low rent, brand new apartments called 'Affordable Housing'. We give workshops on how to apply, credit boosting and appeals.

Anyone with a housing problem of any kind may come on any Tuesday night from 7pm to 9pm without an appointment. We can help tenants obtain free legal counsel to fight in landlord/tenant court.


We have a committee that works to protect our children from abuses in the school context. Over the past few years we have won major settlements from the city for injuries suffered by our children at the hands of teachers, staff, and 'in-school' bullies. Prompt reporting is essential. Tell the Principal first, and then advise us, so we can hold these people accountable.


Mary of Nazareth Parish came into existence in the years 2007-2011, when our Shepherd merged the parishes of Sacred Heart (founded 1875), St Lucy –St Patrick (founded 1845) and St Michael –St Edward (founded 1890) into Mary of Nazareth. This new parish now serves the former parish communities with worship services at 41 Adelphi St and 285 Willoughby Avenue. All other human services take place at the same sites, as outlined in the website.

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