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The almost universal moan of pastors is that they 'lose' their young after Confirmation. The question should be what does the Parish do for them, to keep them close. The next major issue facing these youngsters is preparing, during high school years, to take the SAT and ACT College exams. Does the Parish do anything to support them, or just more catechism.

SAT & ACT Exams

In conjunction with Cornell University, we offer a weekly course in preparing our High School sophomores, juniors and seniors, for the SAT and ACT College entrance exams, as well as assigning them in choosing colleges and career dreams. Further, these Cornell vets also offer guidance in financial aid for college costs.

Homework Help

In order to assist our little ones, we provide them with homework help four days a week. The goal is to provide the assistance that many of our first generation immigrant parents can not do for their children because of the language barrier.


Many youngsters remained connected to their Parish community during their school years, especially after 8th grade, through sports programs like soccer, baseball, volleyball & basketball. Parishes without any sports programs deny them this bond and a unique opportunity to develop skills of teamwork.

Mary of Nazareth offers the great opportunity for the young to learn the essential adult skill of TEAMWORK, which is often ignored in our schools.

Soccer League

We have a multi-age, cross cultural, male-female soccer league.

Handball League

We also experiment with an European Handball league.

Coming Soon - Volleyball League and Stickball League

We hope to expand soon to a Volleyball League and Stickball League.

Girl Scouts

We offer leadership training for our young women through a Girl Scout Troop. Meeting weekly, they learn skills of creativity, respect for ALL life forms, and reverence for human dignity.

Karate DOJO

We sponsor a Karate DOJO group, which meets 2-3 times a week and prepares its group to develop the skills that combine the discipline of mind and body that are typical of this 11th century art.

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